Monday, August 27, 2012

Shrapnel Wound Post-War Flare-Up 1940

In about 1940 Ray Jackson suffered a flare-up in the wound in his right shoulder. Fragments of shrapnel that were never removed became infected. One day he was rushed to the Christie Street Veterans' Hospital in Toronto with a high fever. Fortunately penicillin was now available and after a short stay, he was sent home.

Christie Street Veterans' Hospital
Although the wound bothered him from time to time, especially at night, it never again became infected.


  1. This is a wonderful idea and a terrific tribute to one man's experience of the war.

    I'm wondering if any of your readers could help me with something. The Baz blog has been sent two letters that are claimed to have been written by the actor Basil Rathbone during WW1, and I am wondering how to authenticate them as genuine ww1 documents. Ant advice would be appreciated as the Great War is new territory for me!

  2. Hmm...probably should have left a link to the letter! here they are:

  3. Neve,
    Thanks for your comments on this blog and the link to yours. What an interesting dilemma. I have posted your link on Twitter and Facebook so hopefully someone will have some ideas for you. There must be experts who could authenticate his handwriting and writing style.

  4. Thanks Ruth! there has been a bit of progress, in that we have verified that some of the personal information in the letters seems to tie in with things happening in Rathbone's life at the time. I think they might actually be his, which is wonderful!